Work Lunch

So life has been going on, as it always does, with little eventfulness.

Though I did cause a bit of a kuffuffle. I work as a Merchandiser, which means I stock my company’s particular product in other stores. Which also means I rarely work in my store, but have offices in 2 places not owned by my company.I am seen by said places as an independent being, seeing as I don’t work for them and I have my own inventory and such to worry about.

I work pretty short hours, which means I ususally don’t do lunch at work. However, yesterday at one of the stores I decided to reheat and eat dinner from the night before (lasagna, way too peppered though). Which led me to use the office microwave and sit at the table I had normally noticed people eating at. Turns out, said table was inside the Store Manager’s office…guess I should have been able to tell by the desk and such, but the table was on the other side of the room, and it’s a big room.

Needless to say that when the manager came back from her own lunch, she was less than kind upon seeing me nibbling away. Remember that feeling you got as a child after being scolded by a parent? Let me tell you it SUCKS to feel that way as an adult.

So, I guess I’ve learned my lesson. No more work lunch for me….le sigh.

Keep it Tight!!


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