Work and Worry

So the eldest of my boys has been banished to the wild. Meaning he’s going with my Mom to the campground that she owns. There he will preform small bursts of labor among the typical lazy days a child at Grandma’s house can expect.

The only wrench in the work this time is that my youngest sister (who is 4 months younger than said son (did I mention I’m a young step mom (not that there’s anything wrong with having a child at 14 if that’s what you wanna do (but seriously there totally is!!!)))) has brought along a friend of hers. This friend has a ‘crush’ on my son.

On her part she does have good taste as I find both of my boys to be quite handsome. The elder especially given his pale skin, jet black hair, and pale blue eyes has made him quite the target for the ladies. Thankfully he finds them to all be insane, especially those that say they like his eyes….ah…praise be for the times before a boy begins to notice girls.

The worry comes in what this young Jezebel (I’m sure she’s really quite a lovely girl) may have in mind for my precious son. I will abide nothing more than slight eye contact, even that I think is a bit much. Alas as I am not with him it is up to my Mother to ensure my son stays young and innocent as long as possible….I’m not holding my breath.

So for all I know this weekend could mark the elder’s first kiss, or hand hold….I shutter to  think anything further could happen. I wonder if he’ll tell me if it does, or if he still can’t imagine that another being could possibly find anything likable in him.

Ah, to be young


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