Pitch and Heartache

Pitch and Heartache

Gizmo (seen here) had a teeth cleaning appointment today. Mid way through the vet called to let us know that he has 6 teeth that need to come out (with a price tag of over $400) and a possible heart issue.
As I listened to her tell me what needed to be done, I could feel my heart shatter and turn to dust. To say that I love my tiny little man would be an understatement. I adore him, I don’t think I could love him more if he came from me.
Needless to say this news led to a total breakdown. I sobbed for at least 40 min while my husband took turns attempting to comfort me, and scold me for freaking out within ear shot of our 10 yr old son. Thus causing him to have his own bought of tears and worry.
I wish I could have kept it together a bit more, but Gizmo is like a piece of my heart, I don’t handle being confronted with his mortality well.

After retrieving him from the vet however, things seem miles better. The vet assured us that while there may be some issues, it’s nothing that isn’t widely seen in small breeds. Which seeing as he’s supposedly in no danger of dying tomorrow, I will take as good news.

Happier things did occur today, though it seems so small in the light of possibly loosing my dog.

The young one had a soccer match. He was AMAZING!!!! His coaches did not show til the 3rd quarter, so I along with another mom and a player’s brother took up the mantle.
The entire team were on fire!!!
It’s truly sad that they lost and they played circles around the other team, who only allowed one of their players handle the ball neglecting the majority of their own team.
I would feel bad for these boys if the ‘star’ child who plays surprisingly dirty at age 10 weren’t the young’s nemesis.
Sadly they go to school together, and this child has a nasty habit of trying to verbally goad other children into fights, as well as a general habit of talking trash.

One good thing about this particular child is that he serves as a reminder of what I am doing right as a Mom.
Being a parent I feel as though it is my solemn duty to ensure that when my child is not in my immediate vacenity, he is not a total dick.
Admit it, we’ve all met or seen children that are complete ass holes. Whether it’s a tantrum, disrespectful behavior, or being a bully to other children around them some kids are just dicks (enter the child from the other team).

The young, and his team performed amazingly in light of this insufferable other child. I’m quite proud of them!!



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