What the what!

So several people I know are doing this thing. I have recently been trying to work on building up my Tumblr, but that really doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, not that I particually need it to.

Truth is I think I just like the idea of putting my stuff out there. As though the ether of the interwebs is all the validation I need. For all I know no one will ever look at these rantings. I’m pretty ok with that.

I have a full life. My work isn’t difficult or really even demanding but I find that I enjoy it. I have a husband (EDO as he shall be known) who is equal parts love of my life as he is pain in my ass. He does so much for me and our life, yet also seems to be able to instantly bring everything to shit. We have 2 boys ages 13 and 10. They are technically my stepsons but I have been with them longer than not, so…yeah I’m Mom. As kids will do then seem to take me on a daily roller coaster of madness, pride, heartache, and joy.

So as I begin to get distracted with what’s playing on Hulu and therefore start to ramble, I find it best that I end this craziness now. I have high hopes that I will make a point to make something of this, but only time can tell.

Have a great night!


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